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Get access now to the most complete listing of interline discounts and information on the internet!

If you have a user name and password for our site just click on Member Access near the top of the left hand column. A pop-up will then appear. Enter your user name and password we gave you and you will then have access to our member's area.

If you have the latest interline email from Interline Travel look in the email and you will find a user name and password to access this site.

Click on the member access tab and a popup will come up asking you for the user name and password. Enter it and you will then be sent to our members only area.

At we have listings for interline discounts on hundreds of cruise departures, resorts, tours, entertainment events, sporting events and more. Many of these you can book or purchase directly on our web site. Plus you can sign up for our weekly interline emails and be kept abreast of the latest specials and deals just for airline employees.

To be eligible to access our web site. and our interline industry discounts, you must be an individual who works for the airlines, a spouse of an airline employee or parent of the employee.

Due to the nature of our discounts this site is a password protected site requiring proof of eligibility to access the site.

Examples of who is eligible to access this site include:

  • Commercial Airline Employees or Retirees
  • Spouses of Airline Employees
  • Parents of Airline Employees
  • Employees, spouses and retirees of Cargo Carriers such as FedEx, DHL and UPS
  • Employees, spouses and retirees of CRS companies such as Sabre, Apollo and Amadeus


If you request access using an airline email address such as,, or another airline, we will send you your user name and password within the next 24 hours. If you have such an address email us and we will respond to that address with a user name and password to access our member's area.

If you used another email address such as, or another address that was not an airline address you need to email us or fax us at 866-755-4384 proof of eligibility. That can be a copy of your airline ID, a letter verifying your employment status, a copy of a paystub or retiree letter. If you fax us please clearly print your email address on the fax so that we can email you your access code.

At we look forward to helping you plan your next vacation. 

If you have any suggestions on how we can make the site better and more useful or you find errors please let me know. Thanks for being here and we look forward to helping you soon.

Steve Cosgrove
Dynamic Travel & Cruises &